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The former online replica shop, Replica Designer, offered hundreds of varieties of knockoff items for sale. Categories of replica Chanel offerings included "Bestsellers," "Designer Inspired Purses," "Replica Designer Handbags," "Replica," "Handbag Replica," and "Designer Handbags." Within those categories, all of the replica CHANEL bags and watches were far from the genuine. Item descriptions included the replica CC Chanel bowling bag in black, mustard and white was offered for $217.00 USD, the replica Chanel CC gold chain purse had a price tag of $195.00 USD, and the replica Chanel mini camera bag in two colors, black and white for the discount price of $182.00 USD. Ladies' and Men's fake Chanel watches were also for sale at discount prices, including the replica Chanel men's J12 tourbillon and the replica Chanel ladies' J12 white chronograph.


Replica Chanel

Quality or Not

Every move, every decision, and every promise made by a replica seller is made to make as much profit as possible from the sales of replica and counterfeit products. Replica and counterfeit stores often place very little involvement in product quality or customer satisfaction. The focus is to make quick profits for the least amount of effort.

Standards of raw materials and labor are likely to be scaled down to the lowest possible level by replica and counterfeit factories. Inventory shipping and storage methods are also usually kept to a minimum. This frequently leads to a low quality purse which may arrive to the buyer broken or damaged.

Only the authentic can provide the quality, satisfaction and beauty of CHANEL. Replica Chanel can never reach the highest standards of a genuine. Genuine CHANEL can be found online at

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Replica History

The former owners and operator of the former were the defendants in a lawsuit regarding the sales of replica Chanel products. The Final Judgment and Injunction of the United States District Court of Nevada, found the former owners to be liable to have been selling replica Chanel bags. Hence forward, those associated with the former online shop have been prohibited from access to this domain.


Replica Chanel