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Designer Outlet was once an online replica Chanel outlet which offered low discount priced replica Chanel handbags, watches, jewelry and shoes. Upon discovering that this shopping website was being operated by replica traders who illegally and unethically were distributing and selling fake Chanel accessories, a lawsuit was filed against the former owner, and consequently was removed permanently by court order. The knockoff Chanel purses, jewelry, and shoes will no longer be available here.

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The former replica Chanel store had absolutely no business connection with CHANEL. CHANEL designs and logos, including the CC marks, are registered intellectual properties belonging to CHANEL. No other person has the right to reproduce these designs without permission from CHANEL.

Replica Chanel products, on the other hand, have little or no influence on the development, escalation or enhancement of our lives, or the refinement of products to be made available for us to buy. Moreover, replicas are likely to deteriorate the quality of our lives and even give rise to dangerous situations.


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By using CHANEL designs without permission, producing substandard fakes, and setting up illicit online replica shops, the replica and counterfeit trades take what is not theirs for quick profits. They aggressively seek out online shoppers who are willing to take a chance on a discount or bargain, ambivalent with regards to the quality of the product and the customer loyalty. Not only do replica traders violate the many intellectual property laws established to protect property owners, but also proliferate unethical behaviors.

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CHANEL does not condone the activities of the networks of criminal organizations involved with replica production and sales and discounts online. CHANEL has established programs to thwart the burgeoning of the online replica and counterfeit dealers by constantly monitoring the internet, rigorously launching legal actions where necessary, and importantly getting the word out to consumers.

One of the biggest contribution anyone can make towards forging a safer and more beautiful world is to be absolutely sure to purchase only the genuine, and stay as far away as humanly possible from replica and counterfeit products.

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